Improve Therapy Initiation and Adherence

Predictive Patient transforms millions of health and behavioral records, and applies advanced AI models to improve the patient experience from therapy initiation through adherence.


Optimizing Patient Analytics


Learn how the most successful patient analytics strategies include an agile, integrated data framework and precision insights, driving real-time patient-centered actions.


Reasons for Predictive Patient

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Patient Acquisition: Commercial Line of Therapy

Determine if true cause of patient discontinuation is drop-off or product switching and if root cause is patient, payer, or provider-related

Patient Acquisition: HCP Targeting

Comprehend the mind-share of the physician within their patient population of client’s therapy

Patient Adherence: Commercial Patient Fill

Identify which patients are likely not to fill and why; Identify patient pathways as they move from the hub to the specialty pharmacy to pinpoint areas of drop-off and non-adherence

Patient Adherence: Patient Services

Learn which patient services are most likely to fill

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Insights to Improve Therapy Initiation and Adherence

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Customer Value for Predictive Patient

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Brand and Analytics Leaders

Rapidly generate insights to improve patient acquisition and adherence from multiple seamlessly integrated data sources and advanced analytics

Commercial Operations Leaders

Trust in powerful analytics to generate strategies, tactical plans and decisions that deliver commercial execution success

Market Access Leaders

Identify and target hurdles keeping patients from getting product quickly including payer approval complexities and financial factors

Field and Sales Ops Leaders

Quickly detail teams to health care providers needing assistance with education on product or payer processes to avoid product switching

Trade & Channel Leaders

Measure specialty pharmacy and network data contract compliance with reports detailing timelines, completeness, and accuracy

Commercial IT Leaders

Be confident in data delivered with highest accuracy and timeliness

Patient Services Leaders

Understand which combinations of patient services result in most likely fill for patients to develop custom plans for patient cohorts

Predictive Patient

Ensuring Better Patient Outcomes