2024 ASCO Annual Meeting study demonstrates that AI models for predicting patient availability for clinical trials showed a 2 – 4x improvement over traditional approaches


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – ConcertAI, the leader in oncology predictive and generative AI SaaS and Real-World Data (RWD) solutions for clinical research, announced the results of a study presented at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting showing that an AI model for predicting Multiple Myeloma progression built using a large-scale real-world dataset demonstrated a significant improvement over non-AI approaches in forecasting patient availability for enrollment in clinical trials. Availability is a newer and more functional concept for patients to be considered for clinical trials where availability is a combination of factors such as high response versus low response standard of care treatment alternatives.

The study, conducted by ConcertAI and a leading medical research institution in Pennsylvania, sought to predict the risk of Multiple Myeloma progression dynamically from any point after initial diagnosis to indicate potential patient availability for clinical trials. Model training was drawn from the ConcertAI’s definitive and large-scale enriched electronic medical record (EMR) data with a principal diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma made after January 1, 2020, and was deployed using components of ConcertAI’s CARA AI platform.

The study concluded that the AI model enabled a 2x improvement in forecasting availability with 98% recall, or a 4x improvement with 80% recall, leading to a greatly enhanced understanding of likely enrollment. “Patient availability assessments are complex, not well supported by existing SaaS solutions, and often require hundreds of hours from highly trained clinical personnel,” said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI. “Integrating this capability directly into the clinical workflows can improve the effectiveness of research teams, assure patients are aware of potentially beneficial clinical of trials at the right time, and allow care teams to have forward visibility to choices of standard-of-care and clinical trial alternatives in the best interest of patient outcomes.

The study was published in conjunction with the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting, which started May 31 in Chicago, IL and concludes today. If you weren’t able to attend the conference and are interested in learning more about how ConcertAI is accelerating biomedical innovations through multi-modal data and predictive and generative AI, schedule a meeting with our team here: https://www.concertai.com/contact-us

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