Seungtaek Lee named ConcertAI’s Vice President of Strategic Provider Partnerships

Senior Technology Executive with Multi-modal RWD, Clinical Imaging, and AI/ML Technologies Across the Life Sciences and Healthcare Enterprise

Seungtaek Lee joined ConcertAI 2.5 years ago as the Vice President of Customer Success and just has been named our Vice President of Strategic Provider Partnerships. Seungtaek has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative real world data solutions; advanced imaging and radiomics solutions; and clinical artificial intelligence technologies to the world’s major life sciences companies, academic research institutes, and healthcare providers across translational sciences, clinical development, clinical interpretation, and treatment planning.

“ConcertAI is dedicated to accelerating needed biomedical innovations to providers and assuring that healthcare providers have the tools and technologies that allow the more precise diagnoses and broadest range of treatment options,” said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI.  “Since our founding, healthcare providers and medical societies have been critical partners to the company.  Beyond assuring we have appropriate access to research grade clinical data for research purposes, they bring perspectives on the highest unmet medical needs of patients and challenges of prviders in care and research that serve as a ‘Northstar’ for where we invest and the urgency towards action we feel every day.”

Today, ConcertAI has the leading research-grade real world data solutions in the industry, increasingly the reference standard for a growing number of biopharma and provider researchers.  This has been recently augmented with molecular data through the Caris Life Sciences partnership, medical imaging data coming from ConcertAI’s TeraRecon unit, medical claims, and Social Determinants of Health.  The company has also achieved the highest accuracy and recall in with its artificial intelligence models and natural language programming, as featured at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.  The company’s AI Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can now design registrational clinical trials for specific settings of care and integrate into the workflows of research sites to match patients to potentially beneficial clinical trials and automate the data collection in smart-eCRFs for a minimum of burden and optimized veracity working with biopharma sponsors.

“I have dedicated my career to advancing the field of precision medicine and advanced biomedical research methods.  It has been breathtaking to see the advancements that ConcertAI has made over the past three year”, said Seungtaek Lee.  “ I am honored and humbled to lead the next phase of ConcertAI’s healthcare provider and research site program.  It allows us to assure that our data continues to be the most representation of the US population receiving treatment and to assure that our clinical trial solutions afford more patients access to the leading, and potentially life saving, clinical trials.”

Most recently, Seungtaek led AI and ML platform solutions for real-world data at IQVIA. Prior to that he was an enterprise informatics product leader at Accenture and Perkin Elmer. At all three organizations, Seungtaek’s work focused on a wide variety of research programs, from early discovery to commercial to patient insights, forging new paths for advanced analytics, machine vision, and other cutting-edge technologies and applications for research and real-world data. Seungtaek holds a BA in bioengineering and an MS in biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania.