ConcertAI Creates COVID-19 Oncology Resources to Improve Real-World Evidence-Based Cancer Care and Research During and After Pandemic

Real-world evidence solutions for healthcare provider clinical operations will assure patient access to critical early-phase biopharmaceutical medical innovations and drive improved outcomes

BOSTON, MA, October 8, 2020  ConcertAI has launched a set of COVID-19 resources for oncology to support the needs of healthcare providers, biopharmaceutical innovators, and biomedical researchers as they look to maintain patient access to new and critical treatments and improve outcomes during this pandemicAbstracted sets of aggregated, de-identified real-world data will be derived from CancerLinQ Discovery– a project of CancerLinQ LLC, a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). 

The initiative will provide actionable Real-World Data (RWD) and aligned AI technologies to improve healthcare operations and augment COVID-19 decision-making for oncology care providers. The solutions will also support the ability of critical oncology biopharma innovators to more rapidly redesign stalled clinical research programs and reconsider approaches to new clinical studies based on changes to standard of care, greater use of telehealth tools, and the vulnerabilities of specific groups of cancer patients. 

This dataset will allow oncology providers and clinical researchers to develop new insights, including the ability to 

  • Assess incidence of COVID-19 diagnosis among oncology populations; 
  • Find changes in treatment patterns, such as changes from infused to oral drugs; changes in diagnostic and monitoring routines; and greater use of telemedicine visits to provide quality improvement guidance and help practices define better responses; 
  • Based on specific treatment response and COVID-19 vulnerabilities, develop special precautions and treatment approaches; and 
  • Enable new approaches to clinical research that accelerate study restarts, enable new clinical studies to be initiated, and limit onsite personnel requirements.   

Oncology RWD from ConcertAI includes millions of patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data and has a high representation of community oncology care settings and academic centers.  

Cancer patients are highly vulnerable to COVID-19 and it has had a disproportionately negative impact on them as treatments were delayed, clinical visits limited, clinical trials stalled, and new clinical trials delayed,” said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI. “Our effort to build true real-world data asset for the COVID-19 research community, means we can provide deep insights for how to best help patients access needed treatments and attain better outcomes. Healthcare providers can gain high value insights to guide their responses to COVID-19 within their practice settings; inform biopharma innovators can reinitiate studies and inform the redesign of new studiesAs we redefine standard of care treatment, how we do clinical research, and integrate COVID-19 therapies as part of cancer care, this set of real-world evidence solutions will be allthemore critical.”