ConcertAI to Showcase 1st End-to-End RWD and AI Technology Framework for Life Sciences and RWE Solutions at ASCO 2019

Ecosystem of products that configure with any data or technology enable speed, scale and efficiencies in variety of research, from clinical drug development to outcomes and market access studies;

Live demonstrations on how these technology applications drive faster research speeds, faster time-to-insights and faster time-to-market for innovative therapies

Boston, MA, June 1, 2019 – ConcertAI, a leading next-generation integrated Real-World Data and AI technology company for precision evidence, will give live demonstrations of its suite of RWD products, AI approaches, and EurekaHealthTM AI technology solutions for the life sciences industry at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, June 1-3, Booth #5053.

We will show how ConcertAI’s use-case engineered RWD and EurekaHealth open microservices and AI-enabled solutions are accelerating:

  • Patient population estimation and modeling of clinical study designs and patient cohorts;
  • Optimized pre- and post- approval clinical trial protocols, emphasizing use of RWD Synthetic Cohorts and outcomes of highest relevance to community practitioners;
  • Site identification for target patients and integration with site performance data to accelerate recruitment;
  • Self-service capabilities for cohort data extraction and analyses across an array of applications; and
  • Initial feasibility and formulation of Synthetic Control Arms and other RWD designs for regulatory submissions.
  • These applications are the first of their kind in the life sciences industry designed with researchers’ questions in mind. At ASCO, ConcertAI will feature the AI solutions that underpin breakthrough research, publications and solutions featured in several ASCO poster, publications and presentations.

“What we are building is very different from the RWD and technology platforms of the past,” said Sid Jain, VP of Products at ConcertAI. “Our suite of open applications and technologies finally lets clinical researchers accelerate the way they already work and power new ways of working, all in the quest to develop better medicines that get to patients faster and improve outcomes.”

EurekaHealth is engineered from the ground-up as a flexible set of components – a forward-looking microservices architecture – that can move data from legacy “Systems of Record” into an enterprise architecture to become a “System of Intelligence” that can answer complex queries, integrate disparate data sources and use advanced data science capabilities to guide next-best-actions for optimal patient outcomes. Users can design their own RWD workflows in conjunction with other data and technology products to deliver faster RWE insights and solutions.

“This is a practical integration of AI, data Science and clinical science,” said Jeff Elton, Ph.D. and CEO of ConcertAI. “As pharma enterprises shift more of their research, clinical development and post-approval studies to the cloud, we are enabling them to leverage their legacy data and applications while moving towards a true RWE-centric operating model. This requires a new way of thinking, partnering and engineering that doesn’t limit clinical researchers but rather opens them up to ask any question they need of any dataset they choose with any technology they want.”