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Clinical Trial Optimization

What is Clinical Trial Optimization?

Our SaaS based tool accesses claims integrated EMR data on nearly 30% of actively treated cancer patients across 900+ provider sites in the United States. This data can be queried by treatment, care standards, racial and ethnic diversity, lines of therapy, and outcomes in very sophisticated approaches. It answers questions on the impact of study design and site selection by looking at cohort characteristics, racial and ethnic diversity, burden on the patient, and projected enrollment.


Our SaaS solution enables you to:

Assess Study Feasibility

Select Optimal Sites

Evaluate Protocol Eligibility Criteria

Dynamically Assess Trial Enrollment Feasibility & Select Optimal Sites

“Our Feasibility team would stage a coup if we stopped license, in a short time you have become a critical part of our clinical research site selection process”

– CRO Client

“We have our current go-to trial feasibility solution, but discovered that your software and data is a much better fit for our Oncology trials feasibility needs”

– Large Pharma Client

Key Benefits

Gain AI-driven Insights into Study Feasibility and Operations
Site Selection for Trials Based on AI Models of Retrospective RWD
Review Racial and Ethnic Compositions of Site-level Patient Cohorts

Historical trends & AI-driven prediction of future performance of study at sites


Over 900 US site locations with deep Oncology, Hematology & Urology patient data


Evaluate patient & site burden of protocol against standard of care and other treatment pathways


Our network of sites includes many community cancer centers with high diversity


Perform retrospective analysis with RWD and how protocol criteria impact patient population counts

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Trial Feasibility


Accelerate trial planning – iteratively evaluate protocol’s inclusion/exclusion criteria against ConcertAI’s industry-leading real-world data



Cohort Optimization


User specifies target trial objectives and AI algorithm analyzes trade-offs and provides suggestions on study criteria changes to meet the objectives



Patient Burden Analysis


Assess how your current study design compares to standard of care leveraging retrospective real-world data



Treatment Pathways


Visually inspect lines of therapy and associated patient counts using a Sankey diagram



Site Selection


Review up-to-date list of sites with their historical clinical trial activity along with AI-driven prediction of future performance

ConcertAI Publications

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Evaluating the Impact of Performance Status Criteria on Minority Eligibility for Oncology Clinical Trials

Impact of Trial Site Selection on Minority Patient Recruitment in Prostate Cancer Trials

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