The Next Horizon: ConcertAI and CancerLinQ

Today, we announced two major changes in the structure of ConcertAI: (1) the acquisition of CancerLinQ from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and (2) the formation of a multi-year collaborative agreement between ConcertAI and ASCO focused on definitive real world data, automated quality tools, and clinical trial technologies.   

 Since its founding in 2015, CancerLinQ has emerged as the leading real-world data and automated oncology quality of care reporting solutions entities internationally.  Comprised of almost 100 clinical sites, representing community, academic and regional healthcare providers, CancerLinQ is unique in being agnostic to the underlying EMR, and independent of a drug distribution company or pharmaceutical company.  ConcertAI has had the privilege of working with and supporting CancerLinQ since late 2017.  In fact, more CancerLinQ data has advanced to evidence generation in peer review journal, poster sessions, abstracts, and regulatory submissions through ConcertAI than any other entity.   

CancerLinQ was formed coincident with the US Office of the National Coordinator Interoperability Roadmap.  During the intervening years, the U.S. HIT roadmap has evolved greatly the 21st Century Cures Act was put into place with a greater emphasis on real-world data and patient-specific elements of biomedical research and care; . The Office of the National Coordinator expanded access and interoperability with the still pending Health Data, Technology, and Interoperability: Certification Program Updates, Algorithm Transparency, and Information Sharing; , and SMART FHIR standards for highly managed interoperable and inter-application workflows were set and evolved on a predictable schedule.  In parallel with greater ease of data access across more sources for the same patients (multi-modalities), there has been unparalleled advances in computation capacity and new insights solutions, such as Generative AI.  ASCO itself has advanced its quality framework as ASCO CertifiedTM, that includes and expands from the original QOPI approach, including pathways and a set of patient-centric measures.    

The implications of these extraordinary advances in technologies, standards and programs of the last eight years are profound.  The available approaches for real-time clinical data interchanges, application development, how insights were derived, and areas of value that could be delivered to CancerLinQ members through a collaborative network, and single data and services cloud deployed in a federated architecture have advanced greatly.  Taking advantage of these requires investment and expertise.  Hence, it is with great pride and aligned missions, that ConcertAI and ASCO announce today the acquisition of CancerLinQ by ConcertAI and a multi-year collaboration agreement whereby ConcertAI RWD (e.g., Patient360) and our Digital Trial Solutions will be used for ASCO direct and affiliated research, assuring broad access to leading RWD and Clinical Trials Technologies to the broadest number of academic researchers and research capable clinical sites.   

While we have had a productive working relationship with CancerLinQ since 2017, we are humbled with the trust that ASCO has placed in us and honored to play such a critical role to ASCO’s ongoing research agenda and new initiatives for the coming decade.   

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