Reflections: ConcertAI’s Innovations in RWE and AI to Advance Health Equity at ASCO 2022

After almost two years of virtual events, thousands of patients, advocacy groups, academics, and biopharmaceutical colleagues finally came together in person at ASCO 2022. All with a renewed and highly invigorated sense of passion and excitement to share the latest clinical, scientific, and technological insights and breakthroughs in improving the outcomes of patients. One of the major themes of the conference, catalyzed by ASCO’s president Lori Pierce, was equity in healthcare and research, especially as it pertains to minorities and ethnic groups who have not been equal beneficiaries of new medicine nor able to access clinical trials to the same degree. ConcertAI joined in ASCO’s mission to advance equitable care through new biomedical innovations by demonstrating leadership in using real-world evidence and advanced AI technology solutions in five innovative areas: research, biopharma AI clinical development technologies, provider research solutions, medical diagnoses, and partnerships.

  1. Innovation in Research: This year ConcertAI presented 10 cutting-edge research abstracts, of which 4 pertained to equity in healthcare and clinical research. This research underscored ConcertAI’s commitment that data and AI software solutions should accelerate, and contribute to, equity in clinical trials and patient outcomes. In three of our posters:
    • We demonstrated that data from electronic health records linked with patient-reported symptoms can identify significant racial differences in symptom burden during baseline and during the first year of adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET).
    • Using our Clinical Trial Optimization AI SaaS solution we demonstrated how our integrated and large-scale real-world data sources with AI SaaS technologies can lead to a substantial improvement in the enrollment of African American men in prostate cancer trials.
    • We used our advanced Genome360™ dataset, integrating several hundred clinical variables with full genomic coverage, to understand the genetic drivers of resistance and response to CDK4/6 inhibitors.
  2. Innovation in Biopharma AI Clinical Development Technologies: At ASCO, ConcertAI demonstrated new technologies that provide end-to-end clinical trial support, identifying non-traditional sites and assuring ethnic and racial representativeness of both the trial design and the likely performance of research sites. Our technology suite is the first complete real-world evidence-generation system that aligns retrospective and prospective approaches into a single system.
  3. Innovation in Provider Research Solutions: ConcertAI presented an example of our technology capabilities, the AI SaaS Digital Trial Solutions that digitizes study protocols and automatically finds eligible patients within our large network of digitally enabled study sites. This solution is deployed with the latest edge computing technologies and integrates multiple algorithmic approaches and enrichments to increase the confidence in patient matching to trials. Continuously learning automated intelligence algorithms reduces the chance of any patients being missed—especially minority patients who may be historically underrepresented in trials.
  4. Innovation in Medical Diagnosis: This year, for the first time, ConcertAI introduced our healthcare provider solution, TeraRecon, now deployed in over 1100 US providers and several hundred in Europe and Japan. TeraRecon represents the most advanced SaaS solution for image interpretation with automated quantification, AI, and workflows aligning radiology and medical oncology.
  5. Innovation in Partnership: ConcertAI demonstrated our innovation in partnership modalities where we’re not just supporting short-term analyses but also deepening our long-term multi-year collaborations with leading biopharma innovators, medical societies, the US Food and Drug Administration, and healthcare providers. At ASCO, ConcertAI received overwhelmingly positive responses for new partnerships, enhanced collaborations, and renewed engagements. Fueled by our equity-infused research and technologies, over 1,000 people stopped by ConcertAI’s booth to inquire about our innovations and opportunities for partnerships.

The bottom line is that equity is an integral part of our work at ConcertAI, built into our data and technology solutions. With every new research project, technology, and partnership, we’re incorporating equitable care at our very foundation. This puts ConcertAI squarely in line with the agenda of our pharma clients, the Food and Drug Administration, and our research collaborators. At ASCO, ConcertAI demonstrated leadership to put that agenda of equitable oncology care and research into practice.