From Reactive to Predictive: ConcertAI’s New Compositions

eyeforpharma Barcelona Virtual discusses the future of AI in healthcare with Jeff Elton, PhD and CEO of ConcertAI. How will technology, open architecture will bring more transparent AI models and drive better outcomes, improved safety?
Regulatory approaches are evolving and flexing rapidly to both keep up with and encourage innovation. “You don’t build a model and you’re done. It’s all based on a view of data at a point in time. The model is subject to the features of healthcare today. As the standard of care evolves, these things shift,” Dr. Elton says in the article. 

Later, he adds, “We’re super-transparent, we have complex rules, we have predictive models, we always share and publish in the peer-reviewed forums. Our IP is in how we make the models, not the actual model itself.”

Dr. Elton goes on to describe the AI models ConcertAI is building today, and how it is thinking about innovation for the long term. 

“We build AI models that read the record, and can tell the stage at any point in a particular patient journey and get an accuracy score based on that patient’s record. No one did that before. We can predict features, we can predict treatment durability with alarming accuracy, we can predict mortality status, and that informs clinical study design. 

We are doing things on demand, on the fly, that would have taken months to execute before. We are bringing more meaningful innovations forward faster, eliminating waste, moving to value.”

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