Bristol Myers Squibb and ConcertAI Advance Novel Oncology Accelerated Digital Clinical Trial Solution

The First Fully Digital, Clinical Trial Solution for Oncology, Hematology and Urology

Cambridge, MA, September 29, 2022 – ConcertAI, LLC (ConcertAI) announced the launch of its new Digital Trial Software-as-a-Service solution. Powered by ConcertAI’s deep and broad real-world data, IT infrastructure, digital technology and a broad network of leading research sites, Digital Trial Solution integrates clinical research and clinical practice seeking to simplify patient identification, consent, IRB approval and contract negotiations. This offering seeks to ultimately reduce or eliminate duplicative data entry and constant data monitoring so clinical research staff can focus their resources on patient care.

“As an industry leader in discovering, developing and delivering medicines to help patients prevail over serious diseases, we are employing digital innovation to redesign and redefine how pre- and post-approval studies are conducted and, together with ConcertAI, we are fundamentally changing the way we do clinical research from study design, through enrollment and execution,” said Venkat Sethuraman, senior vice president, Global Biometrics and Data Sciences, Bristol Myers Squibb. “The Digital Trial Solution will allow us to accelerate access to innovative, lifesaving cancer medicines to patients. And we anticipate this approach will become BMS’ gold standard for oncology studies in the future.”

The Digital Trial Solution helps researchers rethink the who, what, where and how to design trials, recruitment criteria and data collection standards needed to launch trials that take less time to execute, cost less and are more diverse across patients and sites. The Digital Trial Solution is advancing us towards the industry goal of digital-only trials and clinical studies that are more directly generalizable to the community settings where most patients receive their care.

“Traditional methods are failing trial sponsors, cancer patients and their providers, and the lack of adequate technologies to implement more effective and efficient digital clinical development solutions has been painfully exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jeff Elton, PhD, chief executive officer, ConcertAI. “Our mission is to build the most advanced technologies and AI solutions for the future of digital oncology clinical development to meet and exceed the regulatory appetite for diversity and digital enablement.”

ConcertAI is developing the first digital research solutions and clinical trials network that will make it easier for providers to screen patients for trials and gather the necessary clinical data to execute a study once the patient has enrolled. This modular set of technology re-envisions how clinical research can be entirely integral to healthcare provider workflows, while enabling an end-to-end digital solution for the biopharma sponsor that delivers enormous benefits in accuracy, reliability, time and cost when executing a clinical trial. SaaS tools and real-world data provide the differential performance benefit for study sponsors, research clinics and, most importantly, community-based patients.

“We are extremely proud to have worked with ConcertAI for the past two years to help them shape this highly innovative digital solution,” said Marisa Co, vice president, R&D Business Insights & Analytics, Bristol Myers Squibb. “Achieving our first participant enrolled through the Digitally Accelerated Clinical Trial (DACT) model has been a tremendous cross-functional effort and demonstrates BMS’ commitment to use data and technology to simplify and accelerate the clinical research process.”

The Digital Trial Solutions use digitalization technologies that reduce the time, complexity and burden of finding participants and conducting trials. The solution is designed for healthcare practices by integrating directly into the practices’ clinical workflows including electronic medical records, imaging and lab systems, assisting them with more efficient ways to identify patients that may be candidates for clinical trials, which research sites benefit from through a set of integrated applications that makes patient screening easier. The solution can also help reduce errors-over manual entry of trial data. This benefits the healthcare community through broader clinical trial access to patients. ConcertAI’s first deployments are underway with a schedule of network expansions over the coming months creating the largest digitally enabled oncology, hematology and urology research capacity in the industry.

About ConcertAI

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