Advancing Oncology Clinical Trials with Real-World Data

The Future of Health Data Summit gathers leaders from across healthcare to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges around the use of health data to improve patient outcomes. Jeff Elton, CEO of ConcertAI, participated in a panel with esteemed leaders to discuss Advancing Oncology Clinical Trials with Real-World Data.

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Key Takeaways

Data has added a level of precision to cancer biology research that is improving the success rate of cancer drug development.

Despite a notable increase in the types of data that can be collected in oncology, significant gaps remain in explaining clinical trial results and understanding long term effectiveness.

While real-world data is extremely useful to observe long term effectiveness and off-label treatment, it lacks the resolution to detect disease progression and treatment effectiveness.

The needed innovation in oncology is a vast, nationwide patient data set of healthy individuals with the fine grain depth of ongoing molecular profiling, the patient voice and care delivered across settings.

The effort to bring this to life is massive, requiring the collaboration of industry, regulators, researchers and patients.