Under-representation of minority patients in clinical trials continues to be an ongoing problem. Traditional study criteria and methods don’t capture the different requirements needed to make trials more equitable and representative.

Please join Dr. Jeremy Miller, PhD, and senior director of technical solutions at ConcertAI, for a short webinar on how advanced RWD and AI technologies are helping find more patients from diverse racial backgrounds who are eligible to enroll in oncology trials.

Dr. Miller will illustrate how RWD combined with AI and ML can flag trial inclusion/exclusion criteria that is likely to limit minority participation and predict which sites have higher potential for minority recruitment. See how trials designed using such innovative and advanced data and AI technologies are allowing researchers to see the impact of their design decisions on diversity and optimize in real time for greater success.

This webinar will feature our recently launched Digital Trial Optimization SaaS solution, which uses powerful oncology real-world data combined with AI-enabled technologies. This is part of our series of short webinar practicums that illustrate how real-world data and technology solutions in oncology can support novel study designs.

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What you will learn:

  • How to adjust eligibility criteria in real time during design to improve study diversity
  • How to identify sites with more minority patients How to select sites with trial execution experience and track record of recruiting minority patients
  • How to find sites that are potentially new research sites and provide more diverse patient populations

Who should attend:

  • Clinical researchers focused on oncology RWD and clinical trial design and feasibility
  • Clinical trial feasibility analysts looking to expand traditional site footprints and increase patient diversity in oncology trials
  • R&D leaders looking for advanced RWE methodologies and technologies
  • RWE Center of Excellence leaders focused on driving enterprise efficiencies at scale

About the Speaker

Jeremy Miller, PhD, is Senior Director of Technical Solutions at ConcertAI. He received his Ph.D. in Physical/ Computational Chemistry from the University of Michigan. He has worked in bioinformatics and data science for almost 20 years. He was a founder of TransMed Systems where he was the Chief Technology Officer. He is an expert in genomics and personalized medicine, using EMR data for clinical trial matching.