Data Science-Driven

Next-Generation, Enterprise AI
and RWE

eurekaFoundation is the only solution that integrates ConcertAI and client datasets and advanced AI technologies for innovation across the research and patient lifecycle.

Seamless Data Integration
AI Modeling
Enterprise Agility

Reasons for eurekaFoundation

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Map Multiple Data Sources

Modular, cloud-based architecture maps ConcertAI and 1st and 3rd party for access within a VPC

Build AI Models

Core utilities to easily develop and deploy custom AI models from integrated datasets

Enterprise Deployment

Scale data and technology across the enterprise and deploy within your virtual private cloud

Value for eurekaFoundation

Clinical R&D Leads

Optimize clinical insights with advanced analytics


Segment and export data easily for statistical analysis to drive further clinical insights

Medical Affairs Leads

Understand how standard of care is advancing in smaller populations receiving innovative therapies

Commercial Executives

Improve patient acquisition and adherence with advanced analytics from multiple streams of integrated data sources

Data Engineers

Remove data silos, combine 1st and 3rd party data, and map to ConcertAI data to drive insight generation across the enterprise

Data Scientists

Build and deploy custom AI models using 1st and 3rd party datasets combined with ConcertAI data