Intuitive Data Exploration

Successful Trial Design & Execution

eurekaClinical is a set of real-world data and technology applications that help design higher quality studies at the earliest phases of clinical development.

Shortened Study Duration
Faster Patient Enrollment
Minimized Number of Sites Required
On-Demand Insights for Non-Technical Users
Leading Innovation

Clinical Applications Suite

eurekaClinical Applications

Study Design

Ensure successful enrollment
and study completion

Site Feasibility

Minimize number of sites needed
to reach full patient enrollment

eurekaRWE Applications

Study Initiation

Get your study into the right research networks

Patient Consent
& Life Long Engagement

Collect patient data on an ongoing basis

Study Execution

Seamlessly access study data during live trial or at completion

Reasons for eurekaClinical

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Optimize Study Criteria

Increase probability and speed of full patient enrollment in trials

Understand Site and Patient Burden

Reduce complexity so sites can recruit the right patients and improve patient quality of life

Improve Study Efficacy

Optimize patient selection and cohort size to meet study needs

Customer Value for eurekaClinical

Clinical R&D Leads

Optimize clinical insights with advanced analytics

Medical Affairs Leads

Understand how standard of care is advancing in smaller populations receiving innovative therapies


Segment and export data easily for statistical analysis to drive further clinical insights